Tips for the stand
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Tips for the stand

We have compiled tips for designing and implementing a well-functioning stand on this page based on visitor and exhibitor feedback.


  • In previous years, the concept of allowing visitors to taste all or some products for free and then make a purchase decision has worked well.
  • Products that have done well in competitions are in high demand. Please ensure availability of these products throughout the event.
  • Make sure you have enough products available throughout the event. NOTE! On Sunday, April 21st at 2 PM, there will be a full session of new visitors.

  • For ice cream, multiple flavor tasting portions have been requested, allowing visitors to taste multiple products at once.
  • It is important for ice cream exhibitors to have enough cups and spoons on hand so that all customers have the opportunity to enjoy the products comfortably.


  • We recommend planning some offers or bundling multiple products to attract visitors and encourage them to buy products for home.

  • For ice cream, smaller and cheaper portions have been requested alongside full ice cream portions. For example, €1 ice creams and chocolates may attract more customers to your stand.

Attractive Stand

  • In the visitor feedback, clear and visible stand communication about what can be tasted, purchased, and done at the stand has been requested. We therefore ask you to inform us about the offerings at your department via email by March 24th at with the subject line HCF/JSK 2024 stands. This way, we can also compile a helpful list of stand offerings for visitors
  • In addition to tasting and selling, participatory activities such as raffles have worked well at stands in previous years.
  • In addition to products, you can also bring other brand materials and decorations to ensure brand memorability.

Ready-made Stand Packages

  • We would like to remind you that it is possible to book ready-made department packages for the event, which facilitate your participation and ensure the functionality of the department. It is worthwhile to take advantage of this opportunity if you do not have a ready-made department concept, for example.

Take a look at the stand catalogue.

For more information, contact

We hope these instructions will help you create an attractive and functional department for the event! For more information: lisätietonapin tunnus lisätietonapin tunnus lisätietonapin tunnus lisätietonapin tunnus lisätietonapin tunnus lisätietonapin tunnus lisätietonapin tunnus lisätietonapin tunnus lisätietonapin tunnus lisätietonapin tunnus
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