One ticket, two events!

On April 19-21, 2024, the most delicious event of the year and the largest coffee festival in Northern Europe will open at the Helsinki Cable Factory, when the Ice Cream and Chocolate Carnival and the Helsinki Coffee Festival are organized in the same place, at the same time.

Tickets for the event are sold for sessions lasting four hours. When buying a ticket, choose the event you are coming to, a time that suits you and buy a ticket for the session you want.

We sell tickets for the events separately because of ticket sales technical reasons and for our own ticket sales tracking. With one ticket, you get to enjoy both events!

We highly recommend to purchase the tickets in advance. If there are tickets left, they are sold at the door. Last year, the event was sold out in advance and there were no door tickets available for all the days.

Tickets for companies and groups of more than 10 people for Friday 19.4. available. Contact regarding group tickets.



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