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Helsinki Coffee Festival and Ice Cream and Chocolate Carnival will be held at the same time, in the same place on April 19-21, 2024 at the Helsinki Cable Factory. The events set an audience record in the spring of 2023.

For the eighth time, Finland's largest coffee shop and pop-up cafe will open in Helsinki for the weekend, with the widest selection of coffees from small and large roasters, coffee equipment, tea and kombucha . Helsinki Coffee Festival is Northern Europe's largest coffee festival, and during it, the filter coffee and espresso of the year, as well as the teas and kombuchas of the year, are awarded. In addition, the roastery and coffee influencer of the year will be awarded at the event. The event is the most important gathering within the coffee industry and among those interested in coffee and tea.
Organized for the fifth time, Ice Cream and Chocolate Carnival is the most delicious carnival of the year for the whole family, where visitors can try out different ice creams and chocolates. Ice Cream and Chocolate Carnival is the only event in Finland specifically focused on chocolate and ice cream, so it is a unique place to present and sell your products to interested visitors. At the carnival, the ice creams and chocolates of the year are awarded in different categories.
The themes of the two events naturally support each other and enable the participating companies of both events to reach new customer groups.

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