I have won a free ticket, how do I get it?

Please contact us in hello@carnivals.fi with a topic "free tickets".

What companies do I find at the event this year?

The partners of the 2024 Helsinki Coffee Festival and Ice Cream and Chocolate Carnival can be found updated on our website. Please also follow our social media channels for possible updates and current news related to events.


If I buy a ticket to the Helsinki Coffee Festival, can I also get access to the Ice cream and chocolate carnival?

Yes, you get to enjoy two events with the same ticket! The ticket includes both coffee and chocolate and ice cream tasting as well as all the other activities at the events. 

What does it mean that I have to buy tickets to a session?

The ticket is valid for the duration of the session. We recommend arriving at the time the session starts so that you have time to spend as much time as possible at the event.

Can I pay by card?

Only card payments are accepted as a payment method in the event's ticket sales, cloaclroom and bar.

I want to exchange my tickets

Changes to tickets are handled by Tiketti.

Tiketti’s contact information can be found here

Can I pay with vouchers?

Different culture vouchers can be used for paying the event tickets.

More info on Tiketti website.




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