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The professional day of the Ice cream and Chocolate Carnival and the Helsinki Coffee Festival will take place on April 21, 2023 from 10 am to 2 pm at the Helsinki Cable Factory!

It’s going to be a fun morning of networking and treats, where you can hear about the new trends in coffee, tea, chocolate and ice cream and meet other industry professionals. In addition, you will get to try the largest selection of coffee, tea, ice cream and chocolate from different roasters, all under the same roof. At the beginning of the professional day the ice creams, chocolates, filter coffee, decaffeinated coffee, kombucha and teas of the year are announced. The program of the professional day consists of e.g. these topics:

  • Coffee roasteries in Finland: current situation and future
  • Summer is around the corner - new trends in ice cream
  • The announcement of filter coffee, tea, chocolate, ice cream of the year and this year also for the first time decaffeinated coffee and kombucha

And much more!

The main theme of the event this year will be the future of coffee, tea, ice cream and chocolate. The theme will be visible in the discussion panels of the stage program as topics about future trends, how the world situation reflects on the industry and, above all, as a focus on responsibility themes. In addition to the stage program, we challenge all companies participating in the event to bring out sustainability themes in their own stands.

We also challenge ourselves to invest in more sustainable choices in the production of the event.

The country theme for 2023 is Brazil. This means that, among other things, the program will discuss Brazilian coffee and chocolate, what kinds of products come from there, what special features Brazil has as a coffee country, and how Brazil is related to tea and ice cream.

So whether you're looking for better coffee or equipment for your office, trendy treats for a restaurant or cafe, or just new ideas and ways to enjoy coffee, tea, chocolate and ice cream, you're welcome!

Please remember to register for the event, because entry to the professional day is free of charge by registering.

We reserve the right to program changes.



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